Volume 9: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art epub, pdf

 Volume 9: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art epub, pdf

Volume 9: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

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The present volume is a continuation of the series Contemporary Philosophy. As with the earlier volumes in the series, the present chronicles purport to give a survey of significant trends in cont- porary philosophy. The need for such surveys has, I believe, increased rather than decreased over the years. The philosophical scene appears, for various reasons, more complex than ever before. The continuing process of specialization in most branches, the increasing contact between philosophers from various cultures, the emergence of new schools of thought, particularly in philosophical logic and in the philosophy of language and ethics, and the increasing attention being paid to the history of philosophy in discussions of contemporary problems, are the most important contributing factors. Surveys of the present kind are a valuable source of knowledge of this complexity. The surveys may therefore help to strengthen the Socratic element of modern philosophy, the intercultural dialogue or Kommunikationsgemeinschaft. So far, eight volumes are published in this series, viz. Philosophy of Language and Philosophical Logic (Volume 1), Philosophy of Science (Volume 2), Philosophy of Action (Volume 3), Philosophy of Mind (Volume 4), African Philosophy (Volume 5), Medieval Age Philosophy (Volume 6/1 and Volume 6/2), Asian Philosophy (Volume 7), and Philosophy of Latin America (Volume 8).

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